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Lonely Planet meets Robert Verdi

Robert Verdi wants his own cartoon character, restaurant, island, airline, magazine, jewelry line and empire. Until then, the style/jewelry guru, at least, DOES have his own TV show, and he hosts Twitter parties at his New York studio.

This Thursday, July 22, Robert's turning his Twitter party focus to travel, and invited Lonely Planet to partake. From 7 to 8pm EST, listen in and contribute to a live Twitter Q&A on all things travel -- things to pack, places to go ('atypical places,' Robert tells us, 'not just the lake or beach'). Just follow #rvtips on Twitter. Or check his website.

Meanwhile, I got to sit with Robert (a fellow Year of the Monkey brethren) and talk, mostly listen, as the conversation on travel turned from his travel plans (India) and dreams (Africa) to secrets ('New Jersey is beautiful -- people don't know that') and love for Victoria Beckham dressing up like Jackie O wherever she goes.

And I'll be onhand Thursday to watch it unravel. With a very pressed shirt.