Lonely Planet Writer

Meet the beautiful suitcase-backpack

Longing for the days when travel meant charming bellhops whisking your monogrammed, handcrafted leather luggage straight to your suite?

luggageFor most travellers, that's a pipe dream, but there is now a happy medium - an option that gives you that artisan luggage feel but keeps you footloose and backpacking.

The up-to-the-millisecond Urban Daddy recently featured the lust-worthy luggage creations of Vancouver's Palmer and Sons - father-and-son luggage-makers who use traditional methods and heritage materials to create unique design pieces like suitcase backpacks. Just looking at them, you can smell the leather, hear the clank of the workshop...

Okay, so you might not be so laissez-faire with these little numbers than you would be with a regular canvas bag - a greasy sunscreen spillage over the silky lining might bring you to tears - but hey, you'd want to show something like this a little bit of TLC.