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The most beautiful bridge in the world?


We asked our Twitter and Facebook communities, "What is the most beautiful bridge in the world?"
Over 500 people answered the call.

Image by Randy Son Of Robert

As to be expected there was a regional fight in America, with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco going up against the Brooklyn Bridge. Janet Hulstrand commented: "I am surprised that anyone says anything other than the Brooklyn Bridge," then smiled emoticonically. In response, Diane Chase said "Golden Gate Bridge. Color, elegance and views."
Image of the Brooklyn Bridge by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

In the end, Golden Gate received twice as many votes, and took out first place overall. The Brooklyn Bridge is in joint 4th place.
Image of the Golden Gate Bridge by aslakr

In second place is Sydney Harbour Bridge. Its all-round beauty was extolled by mengly: "Sydney harbor bridge (coathanger)- you can walk, cycle, drive, train or climb over it or sail under with great views"
Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge by cogdogblog

Karlův most (a.k.a. Charles Bridge) in Prague is in third place. Its attraction was explained by mildlycurious: "moody stone figures set the tone".
Image of Karlův most by Infodad

In joint 4th place with the Brooklyn Bridge is Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It was noted by travelingerin that its beauty was increased "at night when all the stores are closed."
Image of the Arno, with the Ponte Vecchio (second bridge from the bottom) by 1la

What do you think is the most beautiful bridge in the world?