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Heavy metal travel podcast


It has to be said. Our latest travel podcast featuring PRI: The World's Clark Boyd, (an unusually giddy) Lonely Planet UK Travel Editor Tom Hall and (stoic) US Travel Editor Robert Reid is simply the best, most important, most-crucial-to-download travel podcast of all time.

Secret beach destinations, last-second US$10 flights to the Caribbean, you're thinking? Not at all. Just weighing in on the burgeoning girth of heavy metal travel.

--> Listen to the podcast here.

It covers all you'd expect: how you can ride on Iron Maiden's EddieForceOne; Germany's domination of metal summer festivals; a look back at the travel insights of the late Ronnie James Dio; where you can find the world's greatest heavy metal town (hint: it's on the Black Sea -- as if any other color would do) -- plus our thoughts of creating the first travel-oriented three-piece metal outfit. (Cannibal Corpse, eat our striped stockings!!)

There's also Tom's bit on Morrissey.

You can download all 'Talking Travel' podcasts via iTunes or from The World's website.