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The most beautiful lakes in the world

The question was asked of the Lonely Planet followers on Twitter and Facebook: "What is the most beautiful lake you've seen?"

Hundreds of answers came back. Thanks to everyone for their responses. Below is list (in no particular order) of the most popular lakes:

  1. Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Stop and admire the volcanoes from San Marcos [video].
    Image by alq666
  2. Lake Bled in Slovenia.
    Image by mirci
  3. Taal Lake in the Philippines. Taal Lake is unusual in that it is two lakes in one. A smaller crater inside the main crater also contains a lake.
    Image by jimpg2_2010
  4. Lake Como in Italy.
    Image by cortomaltese
  5. Lake Louise in Canada.
    Image by digicla
  6. Lake McKenzie in Australia. Situated on Frazer Island, the largest sand island in the world, the water is naturally filtered by the sand before it settles in the lake.
    Image by dianapermatasari
  7. Lake Pichola in India. In the middle of Lake Pichola is a beautiful palace.
    3600215334_58cd6d80ab (1)
    Image by <DEEPAK GUPTA>
  8. Lake Toba in Indonesia.
    Image by liamsismile
  9. Lake Titicaca in Bolivia/Peru.
    Image by Phillie Casablanca
  10. Lake Tahoe in the USA.
    Image by the_tahoe_guy
  11. Lake Wanaka in New Zealand.
    Image by discodiddi
  12. Pangong Lake in China/India. Take a bicycle tour from Leh. They drive you up to the lake, then gravity brings you back.
    Image by Kalpurush