Lonely Planet Writer

Can travel agents make dreams come true?

When it comes to arranging a trip, using a travel agent can almost feel a bit old-school in this age of click-click-book. But what if you could throw your dream itinerary out into cyberspace and get a travel agent to sort the whole thing for you at a price that could beat any online specials?

lobbyWe recently discovered OfferMeaTrip (is it just me who reads it as Offer Meat Rip?), a service where you create your dream trip then watch the travel agents come up with itineraries and competitive prices for you. You scan the offers, then, like an indulged dilettante with fingers poised over a heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered cherries, you go with the one who's got the goods that suit you most.

Could this be the saving grace for travel agents in this online world? Would you use it? Come on travellers, tell us if you think it's gonna fly.