Lonely Planet Writer

Around the world in 360 ways

Sure, it's not the newest way the internet can zoom you round the planet. But it's still one of the most exciting and immediate. And it takes you inside the doors of some of the world's most marvellous attractions - sans the tourists. Yes, we're talking the virtual tour, the online panorama, your rabbit-hole doorway to the globe's greatest.

So where are we going today?

Let's start with a whirl around one of London's sweetest corners, the John Soane's Museum - the private collection of a cultured eccentric kept in his own labyrinthine house.


Now how about a trip to Gruyere for a spin around the shadowy writhing visions of the HR Giger Museum?

Or a gaze around from the gates of the Taj Mahal?

Or perhaps just a sunny day in a Brussels park?


Or (and this is one of our very favourites) the Sistine Chapel - without the neck strain or the guards chivvying you off the floor?

Of course, there's no reason to limit ourselves to earth - let's end our tour with a stroll around the moon.


What are your favourite 360 armchair rides?