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Have kitty, will travel

For pet lovers, one of the downsides to overseas travel is having to say goodbye, even for a little while, to their fuzzy little buddies. After a while out there, you can find yourself really jonesing for the company of pets, desperately ruffling the ears of any random beastie you come across.

dogFor one French couple though, they've side-stepped that separation by hitting the road with their fearless backpacking cat. They're on a mission to travel the world by foot - and, in this case, by paw - and they're taking Kitty with them. She journeys with them, propped on top of the backpack to get a prime view. If the day gets too warm, she has her own umbrella attached to the backpack to shade under. Every new city they arrive in, Kitty gets a superstar welcome.

Kitty the backpacking cat

Check out Kitty's adventures on the road - and hey, if she ever decides to keep a blog, maybe she can get technical advice from this puss.

Have you ever travelled with a pet? Would you recommend it? Share your tips below.