Lonely Planet Writer

76-Second Travel Show: 'Billy Joel Road Trip Contest'

It's on! The 2010 Billy Joel Road Trip Contest!

If you're in the New York area May 9 (Billy's 61st birthday), the 76-Second Travel Show wants to take YOU on a 'Billy Joel Road Trip Tour' -- to Billy Joel sites around his former hood. It starts/ends in Brooklyn.

We'll ride in a dumpy, algae-green Nissan and visit Cold Spring Harbor (which he named his first solo album for) and track the footsteps of 'Brenda and Eddie' (protagonists from 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' -- check out the band drinking onstage in this '82 concert footage) from their old village green to the immortal dining crossroads we must all face in our lives: a bottle of red OR a bottle of white?

To enter, just tell us what YOU think Billy Joel thinks of travel? With Billy Joel, there is never a wrong answer. Two random entries will be picked at 12 noon (EST - US), April 20.


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