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Ryanair: 'You should have gone before we left'

The Concorde's Lavatory by bensonkua.

Remember those long family road trips? Inevitably, one of the kids would start clamouring to use the toilet within minutes of departure, driving Mom and Dad crazy.

Well, Ryanair has found a solution. Starting this year, the budget airline will start charging passengers to use the toilet in flight. Airplane lavatories will be equipped with coin-operated locks, forcing those under pressure to cough up £1 or €1 for peeing privileges.

Is this good business sense or the ultimate in airborne humiliation? Supporters of the move point out that it's costly to bear the weight of that extra waste (and those extra toilets). Eliminating these eliminations keeps prices down for everyone.

On the other hand, there are those that argue that providing free access to sanitary washrooms should be part of the package. After all, what if someone had a medical condition that forced them to make the trip multiple times? Should that person be subsidising other passengers' tickets?

What do you think: fair play or foul on the flight?

[Image courtesy bensonkua, Flickr Creative Commons]