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Lonely Planet invents iAuth app

In a move hailed as 'visionary' by publishing industry magnates, Lonely Planet has invented a new application for Apple's iPad that will enable completely remote author research.

The bleeding-edge application, or 'app' (a Gen Y term denoting 'application'), enables the travel publisher to send an army of robots around the world, spanning every continent and researching the farthest-flung destinations. The app relays all information and conversation to Lonely Planet's remote Tulsa headquarters, dubbed 'The Fortress' by insiders.

Robot Reid chats with locals in Cuba, cleverly circumventing American travel restrictions

Within the Fortress, a small team of elite, highly paid authors collate and synthesize the information gathered, rendering it into seamless works of art.

Oklahoma-based author and spokesman Robert Reid hails the new app as a breakthrough: 'I can be updating a bustling yak market in Tibet, then switch to sitting in a smoky Buenos Aires bar pressing some local talent for the best nightlife hotspots, all while sipping cognac and relaxing into my Chesterfield.'

The project is the result of a joint venture between Lonely Planet and the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation.

Social media specialists reacted with excitement and fury at the news. 'I can't wait to Tweet about this!' remarked a spokesperson whose business card reads Web 3.0 Evangelist. 'This is a complete violation of basic contemporary web philosophy, which dictates that 100% of content be user generated.'

Caption: Lonely Planet HQ ('The Fortress')

The application is set to hit stores on April 1, 2010.