Lonely Planet Writer

15 amazing images from our photo competition

We're celebrating our 100 millionth guidebook with a massive photo competition.

The way we figure it, photos are the perfect way to share the stories that make travel so great. So we want to bring you into the picture.

We've had thousands of spectacular entries already. Here are some of our favourites. We hope they inspire you to join in the storytelling.

Nigel Eberhardt - Italy
Amber Horsburgh - India
Sabrina Imazio - Ethiopia
Sai Win Naing Lin - Burma
Miguel Michan - Japan
Renee Koolen - Namibia
Sasha Kerry Pinney - India
Stefan Badulescu - Romania
Jean Spector - Israel
Jean Spector - Greece
Melanie Russell - Peru
Dimitri Mundorff - Mongolia
Matas Juras - Lithuania
Emanuele Nardoni - Vietnam
Ethan Daniels - Indonesia