Lonely Planet Writer

The best of Robert Reid

He's a seasoned Lonely Planet author, our US travel editor, our one-man Brooklyn office and the creator of the immortal 76-Second Travel Show. And it's his birthday today. What better time to relive some of the magic that is Reid? Here are some of our favourite moments from this wearer of hats, sporter of travel beards and champion of Kansas.


Robert goes to Sesame Street!

Robert explains why the best part of the Trans-Siberian is...the Siberians

Robert celebrates the birthday of the Manhattan bridge with a specially composed song

Robert tells you how not to be a New Yorker (and calls St Marks Place 'St Marks Avenue')

Robert relives a decade in travel - and reveals why Kansas beats out New York City, Siberia, Sardinia, Thai beaches and a Bogotá hat shop for his fave place visited