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Plane funny

When flying was fun - Pan Am in the 1970s (Wikimedia Commons)

If like me you’re not at your most relaxed in a metal container soaring 30 thousand feet above the ground you may find little to laugh about as you jet off on your travels, but a couple of recent incidents have led me to rethink.

On an internal flight within the Philippines, upon landing there was a cheerful announcement from the flight attendant to inform us that we needed to remain seated until each row behind us had got up and filed out one by one “to avoid the plane from tipping up”. Admittedly I’ve been on bigger planes but I was still amused hearing this, and even more eager to get off.

My flight back to the UK was a grave affair as my friend was suffering from a bout of food poisoning, but the mood was lightened when the flight attendant announced halfway through our journey that it was “magic time”. We looked on as two attendants, one sporting some fairy wings and the other some devil horns, stood in front of the passengers - in the safety demo spot – and put on a 10 minute magic show which would make David Copperfield proud. The flight attendants seemed to enjoy it so much that all the initially bemused passengers were soon smiling and laughing along with them, and I was certainly impressed with this new form of in-flight entertainment.

It seems pilots too have a good sense of humour. One traveller told me about an interesting announcement on a delayed flight from Lanzarote to London. When the plane was finally ready to depart the pilot announced, “there are two passengers too many on board, but we are taking off anyway”.

And my personal favourite, on a London to Madrid flight the pilot introduced the cabin crew; “Amy is the beautiful attendant at the back. Andy is the gay guy next to her.”

What’s made you laugh on a flight?

Heather Carswell, Lonely Planet UK