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Why it's a great week to go around the world

Pi Day 2009 by alternatePhotography.

Ever felt like you were going around in circles? Well, this is the week to do it.

Math aficionados worldwide celebrated Pi Day on the fourteenth of March - 3/14 in the American dating system, corresponding to the first three digits of pi: 3.14. Devotees commemorated the unofficial holiday (which also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday) by marching in circles, finding roundabout solutions to common problems and, of course, eating pie.

For the traveller, Pi Week (yes, we're extending the celebration) is significant this year. Despite the global economic recovery pushing prices gradually up, round-the-world airfares are still near all-time lows. It's one of the best ever times to circumnavigate the globe, visiting such rotund sites as Stonehenge, Mayan cenotes or Libyan desert circles.

Travellers on the Thorn Tree are discussing the best way to plan a round-the-world itinerary. (One piece of advice: throw away the plan the minute you step on the plane.)

If you're ready to make the rounds, head over to our flights section.

(Image courtesy alternatephotography, Flickr Creative Commons)