Lonely Planet Writer

76-Second Travel Show: 'Spring Break is 50, kinda'

There is absolutely nothing more embarrassing about Americans than how many act during Spring Break. Well, it at least makes the Top 5.

The traditional week-off from school in March can be measured in the misty rainbows seen in the spray of 'Girls Gone Wild' wet t-shirt contests, or still pools of puke dotting the beaches of Panama City, Florida, or South Padre Island, Texas.

Actually this rowdy tradition sort of turns 50 years old this year - as we reach the half-centennial of the film Where the Boys Are that set off the boom of bad behavior and boy-seekers to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For this show, I've tracked down one of the original Where the Boys Are pilgrims - who is still in Fort Lauderdale 50 years later (with her 'boy' she found in Boston actually) - and offer Spring Break Flash Cards on 'how to meet people.' Wherever you go.

Be good, y'all.