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Can you picture that?

Hamed SaberOne of the best parts of travelling is capturing the memories to share with those who couldn't be there, making them all terribly envious in the process. It's part of our nomadic narrative - proving we were there and prolonging the pleasure as we play it back for the people in our lives.

Our community often share images with each other on the Picture This branch of the Thorn Tree forum. Most photo sharing happens via social networks like Facebook and Flickr. It's never been easier to upload evidence of your adventures. Applications like Picasa and Twitpic mean you can snap, edit and share from your phone, in the moment.

If you're a particularly good photographer, or just luck out with some amazing shots, you might decide you'd like to sell your photos. Sites like Red Bubble and Etsy make it easy to set up an online store for your creations. But don't think it's not hard work. If you're thinking of turning pro, our seasoned snappers have some advice.

Our Travel Tech-philes also have the goods on which camera is best, what to do if you drop your camera, how to manage backpacking with film, how to insure your equipment and much more.

If you're in the mood to share, be sure to explore our Flickr group and add your travel photo to our interactive world mosaic (you could win a trip for 2 around the world valued at $10,000).

To help mark the printing of our 100 millionth guidebook we're collecting images from the road, across the globe. It's part of our journey. We'd love to see yours.

[Photo: Hamed Saber/Flickr]