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Is cold the new hot?


Everyone loves to go somewhere hot when they travel, right? Paris in the summer trumps Paris in the winter, and snorkeling on a tropical reef beats hiking across a frozen glacier every time.

Or does it?

After the 76-Second Travel Show's ode to cold weather travel and an article on the great winter festivals of the world, we wanted to see just how many fans of cold travel are really out there, so we posed the question on the Lonely Planet Facebook page: Is cold travel better than hot travel?

Opinion seems to be split, with cold just edging out the competition: some are fans of traveling to cold places or winter travel to popular summer destinations, others crave the heat, and another group said yes to cold or hot — as long as they were out there traveling it didn't matter. A small fourth group, with a possible affinity to the ambivalent group, simply thought the question itself was rather silly.


Pro-Cold Responses:

"Cold! It feels so much more like an adventure." - Tom P.

"Cold is better, cheaper and less tourists..." - Imogen C.

"At least you can eat when its cold, pretty hard to enjoy a nice steak when its 100% humidity and 110 degrees." - Eric L.

Pro-Hot Responses:

"I Live in tropical Queensland & have just come back from a very cold Germany. All the clothes you have to wear!!!!! Give me hot weather any day! So much easier!" - Janice T.

"I hate cold!! Hot hot hot!!!!" - Magaly C.

"You can escape the heat with a cold beer. If you're cold then you will only get colder" - Aidan C.

No Preference:

"It depends on the destination and what I'm traveling for, since I love the German Christmas markets just as much as I do jungles and beaches!" - Inge B.

"I just don't care... the important thing is to travel." - Rosarinho N.

"I like exploring in cooler climates. I can hike around a city all day if the climate is cool. In warm climates, I just want to sit and drink beer and wine all day. Maybe I should reconsider my preference." - Waymon M.

Silly Question:

"What a daft question." - Eric B.

So where do you stand? Is cold the new hot, or is hot still cool?

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[Top Photo(s): Eiffel Tower by Luke A. Scowen, Snowy (postcard) day by bEbO]