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76-Second Travel Show: 'Have Yourself a Robust Christmas'

It used to be kicked around conference-room tables - to describe business objectives, project sales growths, maybe a hearty merlot at a company picnic. But now, suddenly!, the use of 'robust' has extended everywhere. The New York Times has more than doubled its use of the word in the past 20 years, while the website of the Guardian in the UK has seen a quadrupled rise in robustness in the last 10!


Travel isn't out of the equation either. We've spotted World Hum using The Word to describe a morning serenade of Texan birds, Travel & Leisure equating a collection of Rubenses -- a nice word itself -- with it, while Jaunted brought it out while tracking RV camping tendencies.

Christmas has been left out of the robusting frenzy.

Till now.

The SSSTS (Seventy-six Second Travel Show) aims to robustize this Christmas with a handful of tips, a new carol, and supporting video from USSR ads, Swedish reindeer attacks and a Santa parade in Kerala.

Or if you prefer, the best forgotten original rock Christmas carol of all time? Non-Americans won't know it, but it's Billy Squier's 'Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You,' which he performed on MTV in the early 1980s.

Have a very robust Christmas!