Lonely Planet Writer

Your best in travel for 2010


At Lonely Planet, this is the time of year that we produce a steady stream of picks, prognostications and proclamations about travel trends and patterns for the year to come, even if we have yet to reach a consensus on how to say '2010' aloud. If you're one of the cool people with exceptional taste that subscribes to our fabulous email newsletter, you'll have seen our recent picks for the top 10 best-value destinations for 2010, and we've had a variety of recent online articles including Tom Hall's travel advice for World Cup team supporters, our list of hot destinations for 2010 and the following reader response.

Judging from the fact that the Thorn Tree forum is bubbling with discussions of 2010 travel plans with detailed itineraries in the works, many of you don't need a groundhog to tell you what you want to do next year. As predicted, some are headed to South Africa for the World Cup, others are planning their first solo trip abroad, one member is planning an ambitious once-in-a-lifetime trip from Paris to Rome on foot, and another is dreaming of a trip to remote Pitcairn Island. For me, I'm dreaming of a slow-paced, switched-off solo Alaska road trip.

So what's your pick for next year? Big or small, real or fantasy - if you could have any travel experience in 2010, what would it be?