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Are you a travel groupie?

beardersSince we introduced Groups on LonelyPlanet.com a few months ago, we've been happy to see community members embrace the platform even in its yet-to-be-polished beta version. The Travellers' Secrets group has almost 400 members as of today sharing a variety of travel tips from every corner of the globe, Travel Bloggers Unite! is, as the name implies, bringing together travel bloggers (over 200 so far), and, following the recent contest, the Cemeteries Around the World group has over 500 photos and accompanying graveyard travel stories.

Beyond the popular few, there are 500+ other groups, many of which aren't yet getting the attention they deserve, so here are a few groups that we think are worth a look:

Airplane Food: A group that celebrates the "bento-like mini food parcels" of in-flight mealtime. Are you a lover, a hater, a frustrated flying vegetarian? Did you order the "Fresh Fruit Meal" only to be served the "Fresh Fish Meal"? Come join the group and share your photos and stories.

Travelbearders: Try out the new hobby that's taking the false-beard world by storm: "Travebearders are those who take a false beard away with them to obtain a photo in a winning place or situation." One caution: wearing false beards through airport security, probably not advisable.

regrettableLonely Planet's US Travel Editor Robert Reid has created a few noteworthy groups celebrating the less glamorous sides of travel, including Regrettable Travel Brochures, an ode to bewilderingly bad travel advertising, and Dumb Travel Moments where all are invited to confess their stupid travel mistakes.

I Love Vespas!! - While there are several groups devoted to motorcycles, this the very first scooter-based group on LonelyPlanet.com. "Attention Vespa Lovers. Talk all things Vespa, post pics of your vespas."

I work at a hostel and love it: Calling all hostel employees - this is the group for you to share your stories and tips.

Considerate flyers: Hey budget travellers, be a bit more thoughtful when you recline your seat or you're getting a knee in the back and cracker crumbs "accidentally" sprinkled in your hair.

locoGoing Loco: Are you loco for locomotives? Talk about great rail journeys, favorite stations, and train travel memories.

How to make money while traveling: What can you do to earn some cash on the road and keep traveling?

Join the military and see the world!: Are you in the military and overseas? Share your non-classified travel experiences here.

Traveling Exercise Group: Tips for staying fit around the world.

If the Traveling Exercise group sounds a touch too healthy, perhaps Hungry Cycling is the group for you: No, that's not a misspelling of Hungary, it's a group "for all out there who love to ride a bicycle and eat" (hopefully not simultaneously).

Trebuchets, Sheds and Eclairs - A bit of Thorn Tree inside joke nostalgia dredged up by longtime member Bill and Ben: "One cannot live a complete life without an interest in Medieval siege weaponry, or the joy of flinging. Equally, there is nothing finer than a shed of your own, and who can find happiness without an occasional eclair, the prince of the cake world."

Have you started a group of your own? Tell us about your group here!