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Nantes' bizarre hamster hotel

Russian Dwarf Hamster by cdrussorusso.

'Your mother was a hamster!' yelled the taunting Frenchman in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

A pair of hotel owners in Nantes appear to have taken this line a little too seriously. They're offering a unique experience at the Hamster Villa: the opportunity to be a hamster for a day (and night).

For €99, you get a 'room' populated by a giant hamster wheel (your exercise machine) and several haystacks (your bedding for the night). You also get fed seeds.

Here's an inside look at the rodent race:


What is going on here? It's not as though Nantes suffers from a dearth of accommodation options.

We're as confused as you are. Anyone with a clue - let us know.

(Image by cdrussorusso, Flickr Creative Commons)