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Monster mail

monstermailWe often get interesting and inspiring mail from our community. But we recently received one of the most cryptic messages we've ever seen.

It's a letter with accompanying filmstrip that reads:

Please enjoy this strip of 35mm footage of what I believe to be NESSY at a YETI BBQ. Possibly dining on Mongolian Death Worm. Feel free to leak to the press.

We'd show you the contents of the film strip, but then we'd have to kill you...

Cryptozoology is an oft overlooked beast, but exploring it's annals can be a great way to discover wild and wonderous parts of the world. For example, the Mongolian Death Worm (that may or may not feature in our filmstrip) hails from the Gobi Desert and continues to attract hunters. The iconic, illusive Yeti lures some to the mountainous, snowy climbs of Nepal. And it's cousin, Bigfoot, has been know to haunt wayward (and possibly tipsy) travellers in Virginia. Then there's the little known Mapinguari, nocturnal red-head of the Amazon jungle.

mongolian-death-worm-1If you're a fan of the mythic and monstrous you should also pay a visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum, which is about to open to the public in Maine.

What monsters have we missed out on? Do you have a local beastie?

(P.S. Happy Halloween!)

[Image: Mongolian Death Worm.... or not...]