Lonely Planet Writer

76-Second Travel Show: "In Pittsburgh (Cancelled)"

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has to be in the running for the most improved city of the past 15 years. Once known for its smoke-belching factories, the riverfront is alive with pedestrians, boaters with beers, a couple stadiums and nearby you can walk past street art and visit the Andy Warhol Museum. Well worth a day and a half, more if you take a side trip to nearby Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright-built house over a waterfall 90 minutes southeast.

It's also champion city (Pittsburgh teams won last year's Super Bowl and Stanley Cup), so the 76-Second Travel Show visited. But things got hijacked by a certain country star.

By the way, anyone have any insight why the Ohio River, which starts here and ends at Cairo, Illinois, isn't named the Pennsylvania River or Illinois River or even Kentucky River?