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76-Second Travel Show: "(A Safe) Halloween in Transylvania"


Warning some footage may be disturbing to some viewers.

Worn out of all this season's horror, fear and fright? The 76-Second Travel Show is too, and offers a comforting TOP 3 SAFE & SECURE LIST to ensure a safe and secure Halloween season.

One CAN be had in Transylvania by the way. Here are four amazing things about Transylvania I learned researching the chapter for Lonely Planet's Romania & Moldova guide that I always tell friends visiting there:

  1. For great homestay potential, save a couple nights to sleep, drink, hike at Mioritica, a homestay in Sibiel village west of Sibiu. It's run by a local teacher, who shares the drinks, invites clarinetists over and puts the beer in the chilly brook running by the few rooms. Email coldeasv [at] yahoo [dot] com.
  2. Rent a car for a few days. Roads can be awful, but back roads to random Saxon villages, with churches and homestays, opens up the region's past. Something you can't really access via bus or train.
  3. Sure, you can visit Bran Castle (the over-hyped "Dracula castle"), but the spookier medieval one Hunedoara (an otherwise gray, communist town most miss) looks more the part of a place where fanged residents may bite you.
  4. Party in Cluj-Napoca. The biggest city of Szekely Land, home to many of Romania's ethnic Hungarian population (including at one time the Cheeky Girls), it's a gorgeous town with loads of subterranean bars and accessible student life.