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A packing list for Nolan

kittypackOur mapping guru, Canadian Ken, will soon enjoy a visit from his Canadian cousin Nolan. It'll be Nolan's first time in Australia, and he isn't sure what to pack. We thought we'd give him some tips, with your help.

The Australia branch of the Thorn Tree has some clear ideas about what to haul to Oz. Apart from the essentials (rucksack, thongs, adaptors for gadgets and phones), they recommend sunnies, sunscreen, a Swiss army knife for emergencies (but don't take it on the plane), 'something to wear to the footy or cricket' and, importantly, 'a bicycle helmet, even if you don't cycle,' to ward off rogue magpies. Yes Nolan, there's crazy critters down under.

Nolan will be touching down in Melbourne, which is notorious for its unpredictable, 'four seasons in one day' weather. So there may be some wisdom in this discussion about packing for multiple climates.

It's probably worth consulting this share session about the fine line between what to take and stuff you wish you left at home. And, if he’s a geek like our Ken, he'll need to take his iPhone along (which can be packed with goodies itself).

Finally, he should pay homage at the feet of Packing List Geoff, the Thorn Tree's patron saint of schlep. From loofahs to nylon pants to old stamps, Geoff's got you covered.

What else should Nolan bring?

[Photo: ftzdomino/Flickr - This isn't Nolan, nor are we suggesting he pack a kitty. We just thought the puss was cute]