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5 Lonely Planet books you didn't know about

Bedouin woman herding flock of sheep and goats between Jebel Umm E'iil and Jebel Khazali.We do guidebooks. Indeed, we're famous for them - we cover the world.

But there are a whole lot of Lonely Planet books that don't offer tips for trips. Often, these are books we're really proud of - because they showcase our heart and spirit explicitly in a way that the guidebooks can only do implicitly.

With that in mind, here are five books that I think capture the Lonely Planet spirit in new and interesting ways. Hope you enjoy them.

  • Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences - Full of the stuff that gets our hearts racing about travel. I love this book because it reminds me what got me bouncing from continent to continent in the first place.Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences
  • Cycling France - I can't watch the Tour de France and not want to pick up a copy of this guide.
    Cycling France Guide
  • A Year of Sport Travel - I adore sports, but I'm nowhere near the fanatic that some of my colleagues are. This book was tailored for them. They'd probably disappear permanently if anyone gave them this book as a gift. Please don't.A Year of Sport Travel
  • Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide - For many people, volunteering is a way to travel while contributing positively to the world. I like to think that we're helping.
    Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide
  • Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Photography - Simply a gorgeous book. One encounters so much beauty on the road. Capturing it is the trick.Lonely Planet's Guide To Travel Photography

I have to say, it wasn't easy choosing these five books. It's tempting to list a whole lot more, but if I did that I'd feel like even more of a spruiker (one of my favourite Australianisms) than I do already.

But I do hope you found something in the list that gave you a bit of an insight into who we are.