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Where is paradise for book lovers?

koshykThe Guardian recently announced its top ten places for book browsing around Britain, chosen by Anna Tims. Inspired, we want to know yours. And not just for Britain.

The Daryaganj Kitab Bazaar in Delhi makes Thorn Tree member shortlists for those who love to forage for reading on the road. Sozo in Vietnam gets the thumbs up.

If you’re in Frankfurt, our travellers say the Book Fair is worth the hype and have some tips to help you plan ahead. Wales bound? Surely you’ll swing through Hay-o-Wye, where books are indigenous wildlife?

Powell's in Portland is a popular pick on the US branch of Thorn Tree, as are Green Apple Books in San Francisco and Moe's in Berkeley.

My personal favourite is The Strand in New York City. I’m convinced there’s a black hole in its basement, for I’ve lost entire days in that place. I for one would mourn the passing of these paper sanctuaries.

lilo_lilIf you feel like sampling the bookish delights of another realm with less mileage, check in with the regulars on our Women Travellers branch, and take part in their book swap. The forum is also a great place to organise or discover book exchanges on your travels. Here's some suggestions for swapping in Laos and Beijing to get you started.

Where are your favourite places to browse, shop or stumble upon books around the world? What's knocked your bibliophile socks off?

[Photo: Daryaganj Kitab Bazaar, Delhi/kkoshy, Hay-on-Wye/lilo_lil]