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US National Parks photo challenge results

If you participated in last week's US National Parks photo challenge and have been awaiting the results, we won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the answers with attribution and links to the 10 beautiful photographs we used for the challenge:

Petrified Forest National Park
[Photo: Remains of the forest, by jpocali]

2. Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
[Photo: Lava dripping onto road, by eytonz]

3. Everglades National Park
[Photo: Observation tower in Everglades National Park, by Lisa Andres]

4. Bryce Canyon National Park
[Photo: Bryce Canyon, by Werkmens]

5. Yosemite National Park
[Photo: Half Dome cables, by Greg Foster ]

6. Dry Tortugas National Park
[Photo: Fort Jefferson, by Revo_1599]

7. Crater Lake National Park
[Photo: Crater Lake, by Greg_e]

8. Death Valley National Park
[Photo: Scotty's Castle, by xeeliz]

9. Yellowstone National Park
[Photo: Looking up into the rafters at Old Faithful Lodge, by Scorpions and Centaurs]

10. Denali National Park
[Photo: Grizzly bear and Denali, by B Mully]

As predicted, we have many savvy travellers in the Lonely Planet online community (not to mention people who are proficient with online research), so we randomly chose 5 winners from the pool of correct entries. The winners have been notified and will receive a free copy of any one of the following titles:

Many thanks to all who particpated in this challenge - if you didn't win this time, stay tuned for our next contest!