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US National Parks photo challenge

glacierIt's National Parks Wednesday! What is National Parks Wednesday you ask? With the new Ken Burns documentary series premiering this weekend in the US on PBS, there has been a lot of focus on the US National Parks of late. Jumping on the bandwagon, we will be featuring National Park travel tips and articles over the coming weeks, and we'll be holding a weekly contest here on the Lonely Planet Community Blog, every Wednesday (National Parks Wednesday, that is) starting today with our National Parks photo challenge.

Can you identify the National Park in each of the following photographs? We've given you a few hints to get you started:

#1: Don't get stumped by the first photo!

#2: Is some strange blob eating the road?

#3: It's not just flat in all directions, it's a bit damp too

#4: You'll be chasin' down a hoodoo there

#5: You have to get up early to beat the crowds for this famous ascent

#6: The biggest brick building in the western hemisphere, and they build it in water?

#7: The lake may look calm now, but it was once quite a blast

#8: Who builds a castle in the desert?

#9: If this one is too hard, feel free to lodge a complaint

#10: Please, do whatever the grizzly wants

The contest

To enter the contest, simply identify the US National Park in the 10 photos above and submit your answers by email to community@lonelyplanet.com with the subject line "US National Parks Photo Challenge" by Tuesday, September 29th, 5 pm GMT.

Only one entry allowed per person. In the event of multiple correct responses (which is quite likely given how clever our community is), up to 5 winners will be chosen at random from the correct responses. Lonely Planet respects the privacy of others, and your personal information will only be used to tell you if you’ve won (see our privacy policy). Answers and photo attribution will appear shortly after the end of the contest on this blog. The contest winners will receive a free copy of any one of the following titles:

[Top photo: A perfect morning at Glacier National Park, by Stuck In Customs]