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What's the best travel themed music video?

If you have a look at my avatar pic you’ll realise that I’m not much of a goth. No black make-up, no frown and definitely none of those enormous block-a-boots that the kids who hang out at Camden Lock seem to love so much.

But there’s no denying that this video by goth illuminati the Sisters of Mercy is one of the best travel-themed music promos I’ve ever seen, with Petra in Jordan as the star of the show.


The site of two Goths getting up to no good in the desert while wearing, oddly, white clothes makes it worth a look too. It even raises the intriguing possibility that Steven Spielberg saw it and nicked the location for the home of the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Look out for moody rockers from northern England

It got me thinking about other great travel-themed music videos. Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express is brilliant in a retro and slightly sinister kind of way, while Men at Work’s Down Under never fails to raise a smile or get my feet itching.

Any suggestions of your own favourites?

We might even get even enough for a Travelling Playlist.

- Tom Hall