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Finding the remote

svalbardWhile many travellers seek out interaction with new cultures and live to explore the bustle of foreign cities, others seem just as intent on making their way to the quiet isolated corners of the globe, no matter the effort or time it takes to reach them.

In an ongoing discussion on the Thorn Tree travel forum that demonstrates just how widely travelled the the Lonely Planet community is, members have been sharing their stories of travel to some of the most remote locales on the planet, places like Nunavut, the deserts of Mali, Kiribati, the Svalbard Islands, not to mention, as one member attempts to argue, a distant parking space at an American mega-mall.

[Photo: Svalbard reflections - by kenyai]

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) enjoys a special popularity amongst seekers of the remote, and is mentioned by multiple people on the thread. If you're thinking of planning a trip there yourself, take a look at a recent post by Thorn Tree contributor bluemongoose who just returned and thoughtfully provided a helpful list of things they wish they had known before they went to Rapa Nui.

Travel filmmaker and Lonely Planet TV contributor Michael Murphy had long dreamed of visiting Rapa Nui, and couldn't resist a spontaneous trip when an opportunity arose:

Where is the most remote place you've been and what inspired you to go there?