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European discoveries contest - the winner is...

Without further ado, the winner of last week's European discoveries contest is...mpg!

Congratulations to mpg, whose entry clocked in just under the limit at 99 words - hopefully they'll get a lot of mileage out of this win.

Here is the winning entry, a European discovery courtesy of Parisian pigeons:

notredame2"Sitting in a park in Saint Michel looking across the Seine at Notre Dame on a late spring afternoon, my eyes fell on some pigeons. They looked different. Not tearing manically across the streets at the threat of being trodden into the pavements as they do in Britain, but sauntering cheerfully about their business. I looked around me; even the most hurried were taking their time lounging on the backbeat of the city’s pulse, instead of running to keep up with it. I checked my heart rate; slower than I’m used to. So, this is Europe, a different world!"

Many thanks to all of the other contest entrants who submitted some truly excellent European discoveries - click here to read them all.

[Photo: Flight, Notre Dame - by n0wak]