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Our very own concept store!

Lonely Planet shop

We've just opened our first ever concept store - and it's a beautiful thing. It'll sell our full range of products and travel guides, as well as a selection of high-quality travel accessories and merchandise. You can see it in all its glory at Sydney Airport, Australia.


Howard, our marketing guy, has this to say about it:

'Airports are strange places. You're half-excited and half-bored. Everyone waiting for a flight wants to be inspired or have their attention diverted, so we figured where better to open the world's first Lonely Planet store showcasing all that we do, from digital services to guidebook content? As well as over 500 books, videos and quality travel gear, there'll be i-touch screens to deliver expert information from our authors, plus the ability to print your own custom guidebook from our Pick & Mix chapters.'

Lonely Planet shop

Studio Red is the reason the shop looks so good. Their senior designer, Monika Branagan, says that 'the design of the Lonely Planet concept store has the charm of a traditional bookstore while embracing the technology now available to Lonely Planet customers. The store design is respectful of the iconic history of the Lonely Planet brand and is a metaphor for travel - where experience is everything.' The store's interior design is also distinguished by a supergraphic world map, displaying Lonely Planet images from around the world.

Next time you buzz into Sydney, stop by and give it a whirl.