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Not so Great Britain?

Lonely Planet has unveiled its new Great Britain guidebook, prompting some delicious debate and chatter. The guide may commend Britons for "Calmness in the face of adversity, a laconic sense of humour, a sense of decency and fair play, and mastery of understatement", but also lambasts "stand-offishness, anti-intellectualism, public drunkenness and being crap at cooking.”

fishchipsThe guide pegs the following hot spots on the up and up: "vibrant" Birmingham, the "undervisited" Lincoln, the "socially and environmentally progressive melting pot” of Leicester and "booming" Nottingham, “a dynamic mix of medieval and modern..."

Out of favour with the authors are Alton Towers, with “entry prices are almost as steep as the rides”, the "uninteresting memorabilia" of Balmoral Castle ”, and superficial tourist darling Madame Tussauds.

What gets your vote for Great Britain's plastic and fantastic? Did our authors get it right when they said: "Welcome to Britain, a nation of binge drinkers?"

Our intrepid travellers on the UK branch of the Thorn Tree forum are unfazed by the threat of excessive booze. Here the community debates the best spot (and best pickings) for afternoon tea; these folks chat about the best way to navigate London at night on public transport; and this family is hitting the road in South England with kids in tow and wants all the advice they can muster.

A small piece of advice from the Community team - if you're heading to Britain, make sure to prepare for adventures great and small by carrying your towel (as recommended by iconic Brit, Douglas Adams, author of one of planet Earth's best known guidebooks).

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