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Travel with Two-Wheelers

bikes2In the US and Canada, Bike to Work Week is drawing to a close, but hopefully this doesn’t mean that bikes will be returned to the shed to gather dust until next year. If you're like many people and you've got your budget and carbon footprint on your mind, maybe it’s time to pack up the panniers and head out on a bike trip.

[Photo by andy_c - Lonely Planet Flickr Group]

Bicycle travel has some inherent limitations, but dedicated cyclists never let minor details like oceans, mountains, or lack of roads stand in the way of a good ride. Take, for example, this recent discussion in the On Your Bike branch of the Thorn Tree forum where a user details plans for a trip from England to Australia using only a bicycle and a few ferries to get across those pesky stretches of water, or this thread about a shorter but equally adventurous idea of crossing Kalimantan on a bike where roads may be bad or simply nonexistent.


Some Lonely Planet staff members have been on an epic bicycle adventure of their own recently. Earlier this week the team completed the Tour d’Afrique Cairo to Cape Town bike race, an unbelievable 11,844 km ride across the length of the African continent. Even company founder Tony Wheeler jumped at the chance to join this memorable trip on his own two-wheeler (read Tony’s pre-departure interview here).

[Photo: Tour d'Afrique bike donation ceremony in Nairobi]

For a glimpse of the Tour d'Afrique experience check out this video of the Lonely Planet team on the first leg of the race from Cairo to Khartoum from the Lonely Planet TV site:

You can read more about the Tour d’Afrique experience on Lonely Planet’s Tour d’Afrique Blog, and for a bit of fun see Tony Wheeler’s sign spotting from various points along the race.

All signs point to 2009 being a very big year for bicycle touring. Where are you headed on your two-wheeler?