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Eurovision - who should win the travel crown?


It’s time to break out the synthesisers and stilettos. The Eurovision Song Contest is back for a 54th time.

We've made this handy guide to Moscow for the Eurovision pilgrim (it's free to download). And, we thought we'd hold an impromptu travel Eurovision contest with our members.

Take a look at the 42 contenders in this year’s Eurovision Song Content and tell us which gets your vote for winningest travel destination and why.

Will it be Ireland, who has won seven Eurovisions (the most)? Or Portugal, who has competed every year since 1964, but has alas, never tasted the Eurovision crown. Or a dark horse whose travel secrets you can illuminate...

Leave your comments below, we'll tally them up and see who comes out on top when they announce the winner of the real Eurovision. And if you've ever been to Eurovision, give us the first hand skinny.

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[Photo: Courtesy, proteusbcn/Flickr]