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Travel is still good for you, right?

Along with everyone else, the Lonely Planet traveller community is cautiously watching the news surrounding the spread of Swine Flu.

You can read the latest updates, questions and observations in our thread of the day, from the Thorn Tree Health branch.

Resident Thorn Tree expert and long time community member nutraxfornerves offers some terrific resources and links for those concerned about how the disease might impact their movements around the globe. And our travellers are sharing local updates to shed some more insight on the situation on the ground. Add yours, or take our poll.

Meanwhile, these travellers are pondering the implications of the outbreak to their travel insurance; and our linguaphiles are reflecting on the etymology of influenza itself.

Talking wellbeing and travel… our community are weighing in on a new study that suggests travel can create mental unease in ‘vulnerable’ people. Just to confuse us more, U.S. researchers have determined that travelling overseas helps make and keep us creative.

What do you think? Is is there a relationship between wellbeing and travel? What tools and tips do you use to stay safe but still indulge a sense of curiosity about the world?

How do you manage caution and adventure?