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Elephant encounters

We're constantly amazed by the breadth of posts on the Thorn Tree forum and love that our community members are sporting enough to field even the most unusual travel questions. One recent standout thread asked a question about elephants in Thailand – not an uncommon topic for the Thailand branch - but with a twist...

Thorn Tree user willdayble wanted to know this: how would one go about doing a guitar solo on the back of an elephant?

While the boys from Spinal Tap might applaud the flamboyance, it turns out that rocking out on an elephant isn’t as simple as it might sound, neither physically nor ethically...

Of course not all posts about elephants involve amps and power chords. Thorn Tree user krishnanlakshmi shares some travel pics from Kaziranga National Park in Assam where you can see not just elephants, but over two thirds of the world’s true unicorns, the Indian one-horned rhinoceroses (Rhinoceros unicornis).

Every elephant deserves a bath, and while travelling through Munnar in the Indian state of Kerala, Lonely Planet TV community contributor ricusdevaux was able to help. Looks like fun!

Snapped by Lonely Planet Flickr group member Alikana