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Welcome to your new Community homepage

Welcome to your new Community homepage and... drumroll... the return of the Lonely Planet Community blog (dramatic flourish!)

For some time now we’ve wanted to give travellers one simple entry point to our community spaces and features. We’ve also wanted to showcase some of the fantastic travel tales, tips, images, videos and adventures you all share with each other and us on Thorn Tree and Lonely Planet TV. This is the humble beginnings of that spot.

Students in Zimbabwe, snapped by Lonely Planet Flickr group member Emma Kinsella

This Community blog will offer regular highlights from our global network of travellers: tips, anecdotes, recommendations, resources, discussions, scam alerts, images, videos and whatever else people unearth or create.

We'll also be running competitions, sharing great deals for members, giving a heads up about our offline community events and sharing news or announcements that affect our members.

So who are our members? You number in the hundreds of thousands. You hail from every walk of life and all over the globe. You come to us because you're curios about the world, have a passion for travel or a desire to flirt with your comfort zones and challenge yourself. You stay because you find a community of likeminded souls (and sometimes, unlike-minded souls, which, let's face it, is often more interesting!)

If you’re not already a lonelyplanet.com member, we hope you’ll give us a whirl. As a member you can participate in traveller discussions, share your own videos and travel experiences, join our blogger affiliate community, plan trips and publish reviews of places and things you’ve seen and done.

You can do all of this at any point in your personal travel timetable – before you leave (when research and recommendations are all important), while you’re on the road (when an on the ground update could really help other travellers) and when you get back (when it’s great to reflect and let the world know what a destination is like after you’ve lived it).

We want to let you control how you interact with us. You might want to create and share a great travel application with our members, or have your own blog featured on lonelyplanet.com. You may want to offer advice, or just catch up on the gossip from Thorn Tree. You might want to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

It's up to you.

Inspired by your suggestions and feedback over the coming months we’ll be introducing more ways you can hook into what other explorers are doing and saying, share your insider knowledge and get the most out of our traveller and author network when planning your own travels.

Regular Thorn Tree-ers, never fear! Your forum is still where it was, your bookmarks will all still work and you can also get to the forum by clicking the Thorn Tree icon on the Community homepage (which is lonelyplanet.com/community - under the blog post you'll see all the icons).

Look forward to seeing you in here - and out there!