Lonely Planet Writer

Feedback: BlueList and Travel Stories


We've had a thrilling if long twenty four hours. The various parts of the new website are now all live with the last two elements now in place -Hotels & Hostels and the Shop.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The teams in Melbourne and London are chuffed with this response to their work over the last few months.

I do want to share some data about who is doing on the site what but I would rather wait a few days for the trends to settle.

Instead I will try to address two of the questions that have been asked via Thorn Tree, Talk2Us or this blog.

The first concerns Bluelist. This was an undervalued feature on the old website. It was a very simple way to create lists that loosely related to a book of the same name. The book was about the best experiences in travel (now, appropriately enough, called Best in Travel), while the lists ranged more freely. We believe that the real power of these lists is in the personal recommendations - the usefulness of the information and connection between travellers. As a result, we've re-engineered the feature, spent some time compiling more lists, given it a new title to bring it into line with the lists in our guidebooks and plan to have it live by January. It is one of the first of the new features we'll be releasing. The 'Top Picks' as they are now called, look really good.

Another feature which has been mentioned in various emails and postings are Travel Stories. We had about 80 of these items on the old site. On the new site, we don't have any standalone articles like this. Rather we want to offer them up in a more useful context such as a particular destination or activity. Since this release was all about establishing such a structure, we did not transfer them from the old to the new site. We will. And we intend to enrich our coverage of a particular destination through more material like this as well as more content from our guidebooks, more imagery and videos.

I hope this is useful. I am not ignoring the other issues raised today. I will work my way through them.