Lonely Planet Writer

Website relaunched


I’m the Online Director at Lonely Planet based in Melbourne, Australia.

This the first of what I hope will be many entries about all matters digital at Lonely Planet.

As you'll know by now, we’ve relaunched our website. The focus on this first release are the basics:

  • We’ve increased our coverage of destinations. You'll find a wealth of material taken from our guidebooks covering more than 8,500 destinations. (Our old site covered barely 2,000). Try these destinations - St Louis, Cameroon and Melbourne’s Yarra Valley.
  • Make sure you also try our new maps whilst you are exploring a destination. You can either click on the red pin marked 'Show on map' or pull down the map tab that you'll find above the destination's name.
  • We are launching a new series of videos, all the work of Lonely Planet TV. You'll find them peppering our site. Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of Lonely Planet, presents many of them including this one about Shiraz, Iran.
  • Our new media gallery presents thousands of hand-picked images which I hope will provide you with an even richer sense of a destination. Look at these beautiful images from Istanbul to see what I mean.
  • And finally, we have a nifty new Trip Planner application. It is a simple but powerful. It lets you save your favourite places from around the site and package them into your very own trip which you can print out.

This new site is just the beginning. In the next few months you will see find new features and content released on a regular basis. The reason we're keeping this first release low-key is that we are keen to make sure it beds down properly. As we update the website and mobile services, I'll involve others from Lonely Planet's global team on this blog.

Until then, thank you for trying out our new site and for taking the time to read this. If you find any problems with the site please let us know immediately.

I hope you enjoy the new site.