Religious Supplies in Paro

Lama Tshering Dorji General Shop

This monks' supply shop is one of several in Paro aimed squarely at locals and monks rather than tourists, but it's a fascinating browse. Items for sale include amulets, divination dice, prayer flags, incense, statu…
Arts & Crafts in Paro

Chencho Handicrafts

Chencho has an interesting selection of local handicrafts, and is particularly strong on weavings and embroidery; it also has weavers working on-site.
Arts & Crafts in Paro

Kuenphen Terzoed Weaving & Handicrafts House

The hand-woven kira (woman’s traditional dress) is the focus here, made on-site by four resident weavers, but there are also tablecloths, bed runners and embroidered scarves. It's a real family affair – the owner we…
Fabric in Phuentsholing

Bhimraj Stores

Located in the bazaar, you can buy a range of cloth here from Nu 200 to Nu 320 per metre; you'll need about 4m for a gho or kira (traditional dress for men and women). Figure on tailoring fees of Nu 500 to Nu 1000. …
Arts & Crafts in Paro

Yuesel Handicrafts

This superior souvenir shop has the normal incense, tea, masks, cane boxes, traditional locks and books, but also dried mushrooms, ceramics and cordyceps (around Nu 500 per piece). Head upstairs for antiques, most o…
Arts & Crafts in Paro

Made in Bhutan

This slick operation has some expensive pieces, like silver amulets and carved block prints, alongside cheaper items, such as souvenirs, fridge magnets and postcards.
Carpets in Phuentsholing

Tashi Industries Carpet Factory

Anyone interested in carpets is welcome to make a visit to this handmade carpet factory hidden in the north of town. At 49 knots per square inch, woven from Indian wool and coloured with synthetic dyes, the carpets …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Paro

Collection of Rare Stamps & Souvenir Shop

First covers and rare items, like hologram stamps and stamps you can play on a record player, are available here, alongside other souvenirs.