Arts & Crafts in Paro

Chencho Handicrafts

Chencho has an interesting selection of local handicrafts, and is particularly strong on weavings, antique kiras (women's traditional dresses) and embroidery, as well as woollen carpets. It's a good place to see...

Religious Supplies in Paro

Lama Tshering Dorji General Shop

This monk supply shop is one of several in Paro aimed squarely at locals and monks rather than tourists, but it's a fascinating browse. Items for sale include amulets, divination dice, prayer flags, incense,...

Arts & Crafts in Paro

Tashi Gongphel Bhutanese Paper

This showroom has products ranging from notebooks and cards to sheets of wrapping paper, all created from Bhutanese paper, traditionally made from either daphne (white-coloured paper) or edgeworthia...

Arts & Crafts in Paro

Yuesel Handicrafts

This superior souvenir shop has the normal incense, tea, masks, cane boxes, traditional locks and books, but also dried mushrooms, ceramics, and the worm-like cordyceps roots often called 'Himalayan Viagra'...

Food & Drinks in Paro

TT Extra

This innocuous local grocery store has a section dedicated to local and organic Bhutanese products, making it a great place to pick up everything from bags of organic red rice and local turmeric to locally...

Arts & Crafts in Paro

Made in Bhutan

This slick operation has some expensive pieces, such as silver amulets and carved block prints, alongside cheaper souvenirs, fridge magnets and postcards.

Food & Drinks in Paro

Paro Canteen

A local general store that sells hard-to-find bottles of Red Panda beer for Nu 120, as well as TashiCell SIM cards (bring a photocopy of your passport).

Gifts & Souvenirs in Paro

Collection of Rare Stamps & Souvenir Shop

First covers and rare items, like hologram stamps and stamps you can play on a record player, are available here, as well as handmade balms and hand creams from the excellent Bhutanese Mudra brand.