Top things to do in Trashigang

Buddhist Monastery in Trashigang

Trashigang Dzong

The dzong is on a thin promontory overlooking the confluence of the Drangme Chhu and the Gamri Chhu. It was built in 1667 by Mingyur Tenpa, Bhutan's third desi. The entire eastern region was governed from this dzong…
Arts & Crafts in Trashigang

Druk Deothjung Eastern Rural Handicraft

This small shop beside the Druk Deothjung Hotel is your last place to load up on crafts such as traditional boots, painted masks and woven and embroidered textiles.
Bakery in Trashigang

Druk Deothjung Bakery

Inside the Druk Deothang Hotel; just follow your nose. Ask what has been baked today – it could be donuts, chocolate cake or cream horns. Bread is also available.
Food in Trashigang

Pema Bakery & General Tsongkhang

On the road to the dzong, this fascinating general store stocks a decent range of imported goodies from Pringles to Coffee Mate. The odd smell comes from the sacks of dried fish.
Buddhist Site in Trashigang

Prayer Wheel

This large prayer wheel and the pedestal on which it spins in the centre of the tiny town square doubles as a meeting point, taxi shelter and vegetable market.