Trashigang Dzongkhag shopping

Arts & Crafts in Trashigang

Druk Deothjung Eastern Rural Handicraft

This small shop beside the Druk Deothjung Hotel is your last place to load up on crafts such as traditional boots, painted masks and woven and embroidered textiles.
Arts & Crafts in Trashigang to Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

Pema Lhundup Handicrafts

This weaving centre sells beautiful embroidered cloth, shawls and scarfs made from bura (raw silk – literally, 'insect fibre') or sechu (spun silk) by women from the surrounding villages, including Tzangkhar. Kiras …
Food in Trashigang

Pema Bakery & General Tsongkhang

On the road to the dzong, this fascinating general store stocks a decent range of imported goodies from Pringles to Coffee Mate. The odd smell comes from the sacks of dried fish.