Bhutanese Ngultrum (Nu)

Daily Costs

Fixed Daily Rate: US$250

  • For foreign tourists Thimphu costs the same standard US$250 high-season daily rate as other destinations in Bhutan, with a US$40/30 surcharge per person for those in a group of one/two people. This covers accommodation, transport in Bhutan, guide, food and entry fees.

Budget: Less than US$150

  • Only Indian tourists and foreign residents are able to set their own travel budgets.
  • Budget hotel room: US$20–40
  • Restaurant meal: US$5–15

Top end: US$500–1750

  • Luxury hotel room: US$250–1500 above the daily US$250 tariff


Bargaining is not a Bhutanese tradition, and you won't get very far with your haggling skills here, except with trail-side vendors on the hike to Taktshang and in the local handicrafts section of the Thimphu Weekend Market.


Most hotels can change money at government rates, although they usually have a limited supply of cash. Bank of Bhutan (BOB) and Druk PNB ATMs accept Visa and MasterCard.

Bank of Bhutan Main branch (with ATM); tends to be busy. There's a smaller branch with an ATM on nearby Wogzin Lam, and two Bank of Bhutan ATMs outside Hotel Tandin on Norzin Lam.

Bhutan National Bank In the same building as the post office, this bank changes cash and Amex travellers cheques.

Druk PNB Bank Has an ATM that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and Cirrus cards, and changes cash (no travellers cheques).

TBank Opposite the Taj Tashi hotel; changes cash.