Bhutan shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Thimphu

Norzin Lam Craft Stalls

Dozens of craft stalls line the middle of Norzin Lam opposite the Taj Tashi hotel. It's the single best place to shop for crafts, with stalls selling everything from embroidered boots to handmade paper.
Arts & Crafts in Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar

National Handloom Development Project

Three kilometres beyond Khaling is the National Handloom Development Project, operated by the National Women’s Association of Bhutan (NWAB). It contracts out weaving and provides cotton yarn on credit to about 400 v…
Stamps in Thimphu

Philatelic Bureau

Thimphu's main post office is the unlikely location for one of Bhutan's most unique gifts. Bring a favourite digital photo on a USB stick or have a portrait taken on the spot and staff will print you a sheet of pers…
Clothing in Thimphu

Sephub Gyeltsen Tsongkhang

This is one of Thimphu's best cloth stores, with ready-made ghos (traditional dress for men) costing from Nu 2000 for cotton-wool blends or Nu 2500 for 'silk-look' varieties, and hand-woven cloth ghos costing as muc…
Religious Supplies in Paro

Lama Tshering Dorji General Shop

This monks' supply shop is one of several in Paro aimed squarely at locals and monks rather than tourists, but it's a fascinating browse. Items for sale include amulets, divination dice, prayer flags, incense, statu…
Market in Thimphu

Handicrafts Market

Across the Kundeyling Baazam cantilever footbridge from the Weekend Market, on the west bank, is this handicraft market, selling everything from wooden bowls and mala beads to printing blocks, amulets and yak tails.…
Food in Jakar

Yoser Lhamo Shop

Yoser Lhamo is the main outlet for the Swiss Farm enterprises. The shop sells Red Panda beer, apple juice, peach brandy and apple or honey wine, as well as soft Gouda or hard Emmental cheese at Nu 600 per kilogram. …
Arts & Crafts in Thimphu

Tarayana Rural Products

Bhutan's Queen Mother Dorje Wangmo (the fourth king's wife) established this NGO to support rural communities across Bhutan through the marketing and sale of traditional crafts. Crafts here include paper products fr…
Books in Thimphu

DSB Books

Thimphu's best selection of magazines and newspapers, as well as coffee-table and other books on Buddhism, Bhutan and the region. It's on the ground floor of Jojo's Shopping Complex; enter from the lane behind Chang…
Arts & Crafts in Paro

Chencho Handicrafts

Chencho has an interesting selection of local handicrafts, and is particularly strong on weavings and embroidery; it also has weavers working on-site.