Bhutanese ngultrum (Nu)

Daily Costs

Fixed Daily Rate: US$250

  • All tourists must pay US$250 per person per day (US$200 a day from December to February and June to August), with a US$40/30 surcharge per person for those in a group of one/two. This covers accommodation, transport in Bhutan, a guide, food and entry fees, and includes a US$65 royalty that goes to the government.
  • Possible extra charges include hot-stone baths, cultural shows, horse riding, rafting, mountain bikes and tips.
  • Children under 12 years are exempt from the royalty component (US$65).

Budget: Less than US$150

  • Only Indian tourists and foreign residents are able to set their own travel budgets.
  • Budget hotel: US$20–40
  • Restaurant meal in Thimphu: US$7–15

Top end: US$500–1750

  • Luxury hotel: US$250–1500 above the daily US$250 tariff


Bargaining is not a Bhutanese tradition, and you won't get very far with your haggling skills here, except with trail-side vendors on the hike to Taktshang and in the local handicrafts section of the Thimphu Weekend Market. Almost all shops have fixed prices, and these are typically high compared to other countries in the region.


Bank of Bhutan Will change ngultrum into Indian rupees with your original exchange receipt, passport copy and an application form, but cannot change US dollars into Indian rupees; for small amounts try exchanging with your guide. There's a Bank of Bhutan ATM in the TLT Hotel building.

Bhutan National Bank Also changes cash.