Top things to do in Phuentsholing

Chinese in Phuentsholing

Zen Restaurant

The Chinese dishes here are fairly authentic, with some Bhutanese and Thai flavours thrown in, and portions are priced to share. The snappy modern decor is surprisingly sophisticated and the ambience is quiet.
Fabric in Phuentsholing

Bhimraj Stores

Located in the bazaar, you can buy a range of cloth here from Nu 200 to Nu 320 per metre; you'll need about 4m for a gho or kira (traditional dress for men and women). Figure on tailoring fees of Nu 500 to Nu 1000. …
Buddhist Temple in Phuentsholing

Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra

Consecrated in 2014, this Buddhist college in the west of town offers education to around 70 students aged six to 25 and has some fine murals in its new central tsuglhakhang (assembly hall). It's worth a quick visit…
Cafe in Phuentsholing

Kizom Cafe

For a hot espresso coffee in delicious air-con this modern cafe serves up smoothies and iced coffee alongside good cakes, desserts and passable pizza, with comfy upstairs sofas.
Carpets in Phuentsholing

Tashi Industries Carpet Factory

Anyone interested in carpets is welcome to make a visit to this handmade carpet factory hidden in the north of town. At 49 knots per square inch, woven from Indian wool and coloured with synthetic dyes, the carpets …
Bar in Phuentsholing

Hotel Sinchula

This hotel located next to a grand peepul tree is popular with Indian travellers but it's mainly of interest to foreign travellers for its al fresco rooftop restaurant and bar. Grab a cold beer and a chicken sizzler…
Buddhist Temple in Phuentsholing

Zangto Pelri Lhakhang

The modern Zangto Pelri Lhakhang is a replica of Guru Rinpoche's celestial abode (though we're guessing the original paradise isn't made of concrete!). There's not much to see here, but the surrounding garden is ple…
Bar in Phuentsholing

Hotel Green Valley

The garden bar in this local hotel is a good place to grab a cold beer in some peace and quiet.
Zoo in Phuentsholing

Crocodile Breeding Centre

Got an hour to kill? Perhaps go and snooze with the sleepy marsh muggers and gharials at the Crocodile Breeding Centre, a 10-minute walk north of the bus station. The crocs are fed every other day around noon.